Heuristics comprise an analytical method for discovering scientific truths by searching for documents [Nielsen 1994]. Heuristic usability evaluation focus mainly on the system interface and are based on ergonomic principles and the experience of the evaluator who examines the website or system in order to identify aspects that may hinder users during their tasks and interactions.


Usability Lack

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that the digital currency will have universal acceptance in a few years. Although the markets seem intimidating due to a major gap: the absence of exchanges platform usability.

Interface - Be Your Own Bank

Just like today, if you want to join the crypto assets world, you will need experience. But how to have experience in something new? Buy x Sell, maybe Store? Many users don't even know where to store their cryptocurrencies safely after purchasing them. And today's cryptocurrency platforms are not offering enough instruction on this.

A good experience is not just about knowing how to buy or sell, but in all other aspects of the crypto assets world. This is an excellent market, with high volatility compared to other styles, that requires from its user attention with regard to a personalized service, a good support center, both for educational assistance, and for problem solving. The users ask for support that is not based only on the artificial intelligence (AI) of chatterbots.


Once you have created a user-friendly, intuitive, simple and agile user dialogue-interface, you can establish a target audience and achieve the desired goal: of a decentralized and globalized cryptocurrency. This is enough through a clear and comprehensible registration process to users that use the platform.

Usability is crucial for such applications, as they are used by highly technical professionals [Silveira 2001]. Crypto assets exchanges as well as other financial platforms, requires support to target groups that look for investments or value provision. Therefore, friendly-user interfaces and good user experience (UX) the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users are required.

ISO 9241-10:2006 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 10: Dialogue principles

In order to reduce the subjectivity, and to produce a precise diagnostic, we carried out an  evaluation of the crypto assets exchanges. The evaluation is grounded in the dialogue aspects of human-computer interface (HCI) in the ISO 9241:10 standard. We applied the heuristic evaluation, thus identifying limitations and suggesting improvements in critical tasks.

Principle 1 - Suitability for the task 

Principle 2 - Self-descriptiveness

Principle 3 - Controllability 

Principle 4 - Conformity with user expectations 

Principle 5 - Error tolerance 

Principle 6 - Suitability for Individualisation

Principle 7 - Suitability for Learning
Prospective Analysis
Qualitative Analysis
Results  Analysis
Run a task on your platform and answer to a few questions. Let the remaining with us!
We perform diagnosis based on a unique ISO 9241:10 calculations method to identify critical gaps.
Get access to a full detailed report with all improvement opportunities information in a synthetized, visually designed way, through tables, charts and mockups.
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