Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that the digital currency will have universal acceptance in a few years. However, the market seems intimidated due to a major gap: the absence of usability on cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

A good user experience in cryptocurrency exchange platforms shouldn’t involve just knowing how to buy or sell with it, instead it must include many other aspects of the cryptocurrency world so that customers can achieve success with it; and currently, those platforms are not providing enough instruction on this.

The issue is not about the supposed cryptocurrency platform's complexity, but under which conditions it is designed based on the system-human interaction’s usability. These platform’s interfaces are usually full of technically complex resources without appropriate guidance. In order to achieve success in this kind of market, getting user's attention by providing proper guidance, both for educational assistance and problem solving, are minimum requirements.

To solve this usability gap in cryptocurrency platform’s and help cryptocurrency businesses to achieve success ZeroOne has developed an unique heuristic evaluation method. Heuristic evaluation is an analytical method through the search for documents (Nielsen, 1994) focused on the system interface and based on the ergonomic knowledge and experience of the evaluator. The method consists in the evaluator going through a platform’s interface and identifying aspects that hinder users during their tasks and interactions within it in order to identify usability gaps and improvement opportunities. 

The ZeroOne heuristic evaluation is a pioneer model based on the International Organization for Standardization, number 9241 part 10 (ISO 9241:10), which addresses the ergonomic requirements for the use of computers, describing general ergonomic principles that must be applied in the specification, development or evaluation of communication systems in order to guarantee its usability quality. This standard proposes general guidelines that should be applied accordingly to the system to be analyzed and its users characteristics. The 9241:10 standard consists of seven critical principles for the evaluation of the quality of user's interactions with the computational system. These principles are:

Principle 1 - Suitability for the task 
Principle 2 - Self-descriptiveness
Principle 3 - Controllability 
Principle 4 - Conformity with user expectations 
Principle 5 - Error tolerance 
Principle 6 - Suitability for Individualisation
Principle 7 - Suitability for Learning

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Based on those ISO 9241:10 principles and in a unique heuristic evaluation tool developed by ZeroOne, we perform a powerful analysis of your platform's usability with only three simple steps.

Run a task on your platform and answer to a few questions. Let the remaining with us!
We perform diagnosis based on a unique ISO 9241:10 calculations method to identify your platform's usability critical gaps.
Full Usability
Get access to a full detailed report with all improvement opportunities information in a synthetized and visually designed way through tables, charts and mockups.

Note: These steps correspond to the premium version. In this version, you can be a BULL usability platform by getting access to a full detailed report with all improvement opportunities information, as platform's usability compliance level, needs characterization per task and action, and ready-to-apply improvement descriptions, generated by a highly specialized evaluator, in a synthetized and visually designed way through tables, charts and mockups.

However, ZeroOne is a customer first company, and in order to help you identify some of the gaps in your platform by yourself we provide guiding questions for free (check it out on the “Evaluation Page”).

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