Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that the digital currency will have universal acceptance in a few years. However, the market seems intimidated due to a big gap: the lack of usability on cryptocurrency platforms.

A good user experience on cryptocurrency exchange platforms will not be achieved if the user is only able to buy or sell coins using them. In order to achieve a satisfying experience, cryptocurrency platforms must instruct users on various aspects of the cryptocurrency world, so that they can effectively succeed in their investments and deals when using them.

However, the interfaces of current cryptocurrency platforms, despite being full of technical resources and which require advanced or specific knowledge on certain topics such as finance or digital currencies for their effective use, do not provide adequate guidelines that include and support their users. That is, these platforms are not providing enough instructions to enable their users to achieve the success they are looking for when using them.

Therefore, the gap that needs to be closed to encourage and conquer the market is not the supposed “inherent complexity” of cryptocurrency trading platforms, but rather, under what conditions is it necessary or opportune for them to be designed based on human-system interaction, in order to maximize ease of use and the success of users in getting what they want through the use of these platforms.

To address this usability gap on cryptocurrency platforms and help cryptocurrency exchange organizations, as well as their users, customers, shareholders and partners, to achieve success, ZeroOne has developed a unique heuristic evaluation method.

Heuristic evaluation is an inspection method to find certain types of problems in a user interface (Nielsen, 1994), and is based on the ergonomic knowledge and experience of the evaluator.

In a simplified way, the method consists of the evaluator going through the interface of a platform and, based on knowledge and tools specialized in specific systems and types of human-system interactions, identifying aspects that hinder users during their tasks and interactions with the system and map interactions that could be more efficient, in order to identify usability gaps and opportunities for improvement.

The ZeroOne heuristic evaluation also adds, in its pioneering method of analysis, the guidelines of the norm number 9241, part 10, of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9241:10).


In ISO 9241:10, internationally recommended ergonomic principles are described to support the specification, development and evaluation of systems that interact with humans, in order to ensure that the systems present high quality in usability.

Principle 1 - Suitability for the task 
Principle 2 - Self-descriptiveness
Principle 3 - Controllability 
Principle 4 - Conformity with user expectations
Principle 5 - Error tolerance
Principle 6 - Suitability for Individualisation
Principle 7 - Suitability for Learning

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It is based on these principles of ISO 9241:10, on the heuristic evaluation and on a specialized and customer-first team, that ZeroOne conducts powerful and personalized analyzes to revolutionize the usability of your cryptocurrency platform. All of this, in just three simple steps.

Platform Analysis
Perform some tasks on your platform and answer a few questions. Leave the rest to us!
Gaps Diagnosis
We perform diagnostics based on a specialized and original heuristic evaluation method, based on the ISO 9241:10 standard, to identify critical usability gaps in your platform.
Full Usability Report
Get access to a complete and detailed report with all the information about improvement opportunities in a synthesized and visually projected way through tables, graphs and models.

Note: These steps correspond to the premium version. In this version, you can transform your platform into a platform with BULL usability, gaining access to a complete and detailed report with the level of compliance of usability of the platform, characterization of needs by task, and descriptions of improvements ready for application, carried out by a expert appraiser.

Since ZeroOne is a customer-oriented company, to help you identify some of the gaps in your platform, we offer some guiding questions for free. You can view them on the “Evaluation” page.