It is not about whether they exist, but about what are the usability gaps in your platform and what are the critical negative impacts they are generating for your business.


Do you know exactly where they are and how to address the usability gaps in your platform based on evidence? No? So how about conducting a ZeroOne evaluation and revolutionizing the usability of your platform?

Read the instructions carefully and until to the end to make effective use of the evaluation tool.


Below, you can view the form developed and made available by ZeroOne so that you can examine the usability of your platform for free. It is divided into 12 sessions, each related to one of the principles of ISO 9241:10. In each session, there is an indication of a set of tasks that you must perform on your platform.

For each task performed, you must observe specific aspects indicated on the form. You should also note the guiding questions on the form to help you identify possible problems with the execution of each task on your platform. To identify them properly, answer honestly and based on reliable observations, with "yes" or "no" to the questions.

Then, you must assign a perceived importance value for each task performed. To assign this value, think about the negative impacts and consequences (short, medium and long term) for your users / customers and for your business according to the problems identified in the task.


To perform an analysis based on data, reduce individual bias and increase the degree of agreement and precision in your results, we recommend that it be performed by 3 to 5 people (which can be developers, designers, managers, users, etc.).


When you are finished filling out the form, click on the captcha box and then on the "Submit" button, according to your preferred version (free or premium).

*Free Version = Get a copy of your responses to this form in your email.
*Premium Version = Get a complete and specialized diagnosis to make the usability of your platform a BULL one.