It's not about whether but what your platform usability gaps are and what critical negative impacts are they generating for your business.
Do you have clarity and know precisely which and where are and how to solve the usability gaps of your platform based on evidence?
No? Then, avoid losing more customers to concurrence and close your actual-potential profit gap today by performing a ZeroOne’s unique and powerful evaluation for free!
Below you can see the form developed by ZeroOne so that you can examine the usability of your platform for free. It is divided into 12 sessions pertaining to each ISO 9241:10 principles. In each session there is an indication of a set of tasks to be performed by you on your platform. 
For each task you will be asked to observe certain aspects during the execution of the task, then, guiding questions will be presented to help you in identifying possible problems in each task on your platform. In order to properly identify them, answer honestly and based on reliable observations, with "yes" or "no". 
Also, you will be asked to assign a perceived importance value for each task performed. To assign this value, think about the negative impacts and consequences (in the short, medium and long term) for your users/customers and for your business according to the problems identified in the task.
In order to perform a data-driven analysis, reduce individual biases and increase the degree of agreement and accuracy of it, we recommend that it should be performed by 3 to 5 people.
When you are finished filling out the form, click on the captcha box and then on the "Submit" button. You will receive an automatic copy of your replies in your registered email.
*Freemium = Get a copy of your answers by email
*Premium = Get a full detailed diagnosis to be a BULL usability platform
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