ISO 9241:10
Heuristic Usability
Evaluation for Cryptocurrency
Exchange Platforms 

A new way to guarantee your differential: analysis,
diagnosis and improvements
Avoid lost-to-concurrence users
Avoid the loss of users to the competition due to their disengagement and premature abandonment, by transforming unnecessary, flawed and difficult procedures into easy, efficient and satisfactory ones.
Increase performance and mitigate risks
Increase your organization's performance through proactive and risk-mitigating usability approaches, fixing usability problems with your products before they reach the end user.
Reduce expenses and keep current customers
Reduce your expenses by up to 7 times and optimize your organization's resources by implementing efficient strategies to keep current customers instead of just focusing on winning new ones.
Promote your market share and increase profits
Transform your platform into a total and successful performance system for your users and investors, promoting an attractive public image for the market and generating more profits.
Intuitive Tasks and Interactions
Expansion and Diversification of Audiences
Get a high-performance, user-friendly platform with tasks and interactions designed to be performed more efficiently and satisfactorily.
Reduced Support Time and Increased Autonomy
Get an intelligent platform that teaches the user how to best use it during their own use, promoting autonomy and reducing support time.
Expand, diversify and include users by implementing customization, controllability and accessibility aspects on your platform, adding social and economic value to your product.
Loyalty and Referral
Get recurring feedbacks from the users' experience and continuously improve your platform, increasing users' satisfaction and loyalty, and guaranteeing recommendations for your product, from users to their friends and family.
Platform Analysis
Perform some tasks on your platform and answer a few questions. Leave the rest to us!
Gaps Diagnosis
Complete Usability Report
We perform diagnostics based on a specialized and original heuristic evaluation method, based on the ISO 9241:10 standard, to identify critical usability gaps in your platform.
Get access to a complete and detailed report with all the information about improvement opportunities in a synthesized and visually projected way through tables, graphs and models.

Be a BULL usability, not a BEAR one