ISO 9241:10
Heuristic Usability Evaluation
for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms 
A new way to guarantee your differential: analysis, diagnosis and improvements
Prevent lost-to-concurrence users
Prevent lost-to-concurrence users’ due to disengagement and early departure by transforming unnecessary, failed and hard procedures into easy, efficient and satisfactory ones.
Diminishes expenses and maintain current customers
Diminishes your expenses up to 7 times and optimize your business resources by implementing strategic and efficient strategies to maintain current customers instead of only focusing on conquering new ones.
Increase efficacy and business profit
Increase efficacy, prevent customers losses, and increase the business actual profit by proactive and customer first usability approaches instead of reactive ones and transform your platform into a total and successful performance system.
Avoid being overtaken by the competition and Increase market share
Avoid being inert on a lost-to-concurrence path to perish, conduct a usability evaluation and increase users satisfaction, public image and market share.  
Intuitive Tasks and Interactions
User-friendly platform that enables the most efficient and user satisfactory way of performing an action.
Target Audience Diversity
Customization and accessibility aspects promotes user’s personalization, controllability and inclusion bringing up more users to the platform and agreging social value to it.
Support Time Reduction and Autonomy Increased
Smart platform that teaches the user according to its experience promoting autonomy and reducing support time.
Loyalty and Referral
Consistent and precise feedbacks of users experience that enable continuous improvements granting referrals from users to their friends and family.

Be a BULL usability, not a BEAR one

Run a task on your platform and answer to a few questions. Let the remaining with us!
We perform diagnosis based on a unique ISO 9241:10 calculations method to identify your platform's usability critical gaps.
Full Usability
Get access to a full detailed report with all improvement opportunities information in a synthetized and visually designed way through tables, charts and mockups.
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